Sunday, 27 November 2016

1st Sunday of Advent

Thank you for the Bazaar: A huge effort has been made by so many of you. Thank you to Harman Ross who co-ordinates the whole process and to the UCM who do the backbone of preparation; to the Latin American community (incredible bingo); to the Latin Mass community;  to the African & Caribbean Society and the Brew-Graves/Townsend for Santa Grotto. Thanks also to the incredible Stefano Taliana and team for the Christmas Dinner last night; to Lourdes Flor Guedes and team who ran the Bistro; to the John family for curry; to Gino Debiasi for the meat lasagne; to La Casita Restaurant, Streatham High Road for the Shepherd’s pie; to Ciullo’s Restaurant, Balham for the vegetable lasagne; to Samara Davis’s mum for the bangers & mash, to Yolanta for the bigos, to Nuala Fernandez, Rachel Edwards and Elizabeth Small for apple pies and Ann Holder and Eunice Wilkins for trifles.  Also thanks to St Bede’s school for the hall; St Bernadette’s staff for coming to the Bistro (and many bottles) & La Retraite for their donation. Finally thanks to YOU behind the scenes, who washed up, baked cakes, sold/bought tickets & supported us generously etc

Grand Draw today: One of the largest components of the Bazaar profit comes from the Grand Draw. At 1pm today in the club we will meet to discover who the lucky winners are! Hope it’s you!

Advent: You and I live in time and space. When we die our souls move into an eternal dimension. Our Blessed Lord quotes the Old Testament and says “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man the glories the Lord has prepared for those who love him.” We are all like babes in the womb with no understanding of eternity. However Advent is a season which Mother Church uses to remind us, her children, to make the most of the time we have. The Saints, especially Francis of Assisi have exulted in the marvellous beauty of creation – the space in which we now live. Advent warns us to use our hearts to perceive the graces which come to us in time. 2016 years ago our Lord was born; some time in the future he will come again. This month open your heart and perceive his Advent in all the circumstances of our lives!   

Advent Preachers: 

  • Week 1: the Most Revered Peter Smith, the Archbishop of Southwark, who sends us a pastoral letter. He was born in Battersea 73 years ago, his home parish being St Mary Magdalene’s, Wandsworth East Hill.  From there he went to Clapham College and was ordained in 1972.  He spent many years at the Diocesan Seminary in Wonersh (even trying to teach fr Christopher some Canon Law) and eventually became Rector.  
  • Week 2: Fr Benedict Kiely, originally from Faversham in Kent (he is a friend of Fr Lukasz).  He became a priest in the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont but now feels called to offer his priestly life for the people of Syria (he is now studying Arabic).  Because of all of this, we will have a second collection that day for Aid to the Church in Need which helps besieged Christians in the Muslim world.   
  • Week 3: Canon Scott Tanner, who was recently ordained for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign High Priest.  He is a convert, originally from Reading (where he knew Fr Simon Leworthy). He attended the international seminary in Gricigliano, in Florence.  
  • Week 4: Fr Behruz,  He is presently in Paddock Wood, Kent.  
Sung Vespers & Benediction: During Advent we will have Vespers & Benediction on Sundays at 5pm.   

No Youth Club today (Sunday 27th) as we are all worn out with the last few days of the Bazaar .

First Communion Applications - Deadline today: Hand in your form ASAP.  First meeting Sun 11th Dec after 9.30 Mass

New 'Friends of St Bede' needed: the school need some more parents to become “friends of St Bede’s School”.  This is a group of parents which supports the school and co-ordinates socials etc.  

Room Needed: David Gleeson, a 26 year old from Brisbane, Australia who is an Helicopter mechanic is looking for a room to rent.  His contact details can be found on the newsletter (not shown for privacy & security reasons)

Cleaners for this week: Annie Nongo, Biannie Bilwala & Mamie Bazakana

Helpers of God's Precious Infants - Streatham Vigil:  Next Sunday (4th December) leaving from St Bede's after the 11am Latin Mass.  See poster for more details.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Feast of Christ the King (Old Rite: XXIV & Last Sunday remaining after Pentecost)

Annual Bazaar - This Week!!! 
The Bazaar needs your support!!!

Please bring in: Good-as-new toys, fancy goods, DVD’s, religious articles & your homemade marmalades, jams & chutneys – by Wednesday please!
Draw Tickets: are available, please don’t forget to return the counterfoils & money – in a sealed envelope ASAP! Any unsold tickets should also be returned so that we can sell these over the weekend. The draw will take place in the club next Sunday at 1pm.
Bottle Stall: Please bring in bottles of wine, spirits & soft drinks. 
Bazaar - Friday 6.30-9pm  Admission £2, children free.  
Bistro - Friday 6-9pm: The menus for the bistro are available at the back of Church. Please take one home & bring it back by Wednesday in a sealed envelope with the money. 
If you are providing food for Bistro - please bring in by 5pm!
Bazaar Dinner - Saturday 7 for 7.30pm:  If you would like to book your place for the Dinner on Saturday evening, please see Fr Chris today – £25 per person
Latin American Bingo 6.15pm:  The Spanish Mass will be at 5pm on Saturday and the Bingo will take place in the School Hall from 6.15pm.
Monetary Donations welcome! if you would rather make a cash donation – these are grateful received too!  

Heavies needed for Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday: We need strong men for the following days and times this week to help with the setting up tables etc:  
  • Thursday: 7.30pm in the club; 
  • Friday: from 1.30pm St Bede’s School; 
  • Saturday: 11am St Bede’s School 
  • Sunday: 10.30 Mass in the club. 
We appeal to as many of you as possible to come and help – as we are starting earlier this year we need to get the stalls set up quickly.  

Cakes: Please sign the cake list and make a cake(s) for the Friday night.  This stall is always very popular (fairy cakes popular too).

Don't forget your carrier bags: Whilst we don’t charge 5pm for them – we also don’t have a supply like we did in previous years so please bring your own to carry your purchases / prizes back home in – just to be sure!  

Time is short - let us accelerate our efforts!

African & Caribbean Meeting: There will a brief meeting after the 9.30am Mass today to discuss the forthcoming bazaar.  

First Communion Applications - Deadline next Sunday: If you haven’t returned your form for the 2017 FHC programme please do so ASAP. The first meeting will be 11th December.

Does your APF Red Boxes: The end of the financial year for the APF Red boxes is 31st Dec so if you have a box at home & it hasn’t been emptied this year, please bring it to one of the weekend Masses & hand to our priests. We will endeavour to empty, count and return the box to you ASAP (please check the table in the porch for your box). Can you please ensure your name is written on the white label at the bottom so we know who to return it to!  
New 'Friends of St Bede' needed: the school need some more parents to become “friends of St Bede’s School”.  This is a group of parents which supports the school and co-ordinates socials etc.  

Silver Jubilee of Fr Francis Lynch (Dominic's brother & Fr Tom's uncle): Twenty five years ago, fr Francis said his first Mass here at St Bede’s as a newly ordained priest.  He will celebrate his Jubilee with Mass on Wed 30th Nov at 6.30pm in his parish, St Gertrude (1 Debnams Rd, Rotherhithe New Rd, SE16 2BB) and there will be a parish celebration on Sunday 3rd December at 6.30pm.  

Cleaners this week: Pauline Ajuga, Rose Anunwa & Ms Nazereth Kristos.

Helpers of God's Precious Infants - Streatham Vigil - 4th December: The next vigil at BPAS in Leigham Court Road will take place on Sunday 4th December leaving from St Bede’s – see the poster at the back of Church for more information.

HCPT Fundraising Race Night - Saturday 26th Nov: The 32nd & last Race night to be held at Wimbledon Stadium (before it is redeveloped) will be held on Saturday 26th November.  There is also an sponsorship form if you would like to sponsor this or future events.  See the posters at the back of Church.